Connecting Advertisers and Consumers at the Moment of Decision®

VisibleBrands™ is a passionate team of experts solving the challenges of today’s complex retail environment. Bringing deep experience in retail systems, machine intelligence, design, development, and digital advertising, team VisibleBrands™ is rolling out the next generation of advertiser – consumer connection.
Headquartered in Seattle, WA the VisibleBrands™ Ad Media Genome Project, launched in 2008, was the start of the next generation of digital advertising in physical retail. Our passionate team of industry experts is working hard to bring innovative solutions to the complex retail environment.

Executive Team

Sales, Development & Business Operations

Software Engineering & Development

VisibleBrands has attracted world class software engineering and development team building and now shipping/commercially testing the world’s first Moment of Decision® Media Network. Our core engineering team includes multiple PhD’s and architect/development talent from Microsoft, IBM, Wal-mart, and several other leading software or commercial system organizations. Our domain expertise includes deep technical areas like machine learning, massive data processing, cloud computing, mobile device & embedded software engineering, indoor location, analytic solutions, cutting edge data visualizations and ad operations. Our team is fueled by passion, creativity, innovation, and a spirit of teamwork. If you have proven technical expertise and a passion for solving the most compelling digital media and big data opportunities, contact us to Join the VisibleBrands Team!

Strategic Advisory Team